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Do-Re-Mi Music for Children is a Kodály based pre-instrumental program, which caters for children from the age of 15 months to 7 years. It is a vocal-based program that commences a child’s musical education with beat and rhythm activities, initially with the support of a parent and then later the children attend alone. These classes are fun filled group lessons, which focus on beat, rhythm, in-tune singing, games and activities. In addition to providing an excellent basis for the many streams of instrumental lesson available in Queensland, the program provides opportunities to enhancing the development of a child’s memory, motor co-ordination, socialisation and confidence building skills.

The concept with a Kodály voice-based program is that the most natural and cheapest instrument available – our voices – is used. Many of the activities utilise the use of visual stimulation, and singing games, which helps to develop the child’s fine and gross motor skills. As the music curriculum in all schools is based on the Kodály method it also comfortably leads a child into their school music program.

The classes are sponsored by The Aust Kodály Association and are conducted at Many private studios throughout Queensland. Fees are very affordable and are paid in advance each term. Terms consist of between 8 and 10 weeks depending on the individual teacher. Children up to age 4 require an adult to attend the classes with them.

Do Re Mi Teachers are placed throughout Queensland and all teachers are required to update their professional development annually. Many of the teachers are also either class room music teachers or private instrumental teachers together with many years of early childhood music education so are more than adequately qualified to provide musical opportunities for the very young children

For more information visit the official do-re-mi website