The Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia, Queensland Branch, Inc. is a not for profit professional music association that supports approximately 300 members (and growing).

Our members work in the early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary sectors in music and education.

Kodály Queensland includes a central branch based in Brisbane and two regional chapters: Townsville and Mackay.

Kodály Queensland has an outstanding reputation of providing relevant and accessible professional development to members, including Winter Schools, Choral Festivals, and the Early Childhood Music Conference.

Kodály Queensland is affiliated with the parent National body of the Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia (www.kodaly.org.au) and the International Kodály Society (www.iks.hu).

There are numerous benefits to becoming a member including access to regular publications, a large support network and industry recognition.

Kodály Queensland works on the good will and generosity of volunteers and each year an executive and committee is elected by members at its Annual General Meeting.


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