Beyond the See Saw

Beyond the See Saw

Presenter – Kate Thompson

Date- Sunday 6th May


A comprehensive, 3 hour workshop based on the application of Kodály’s principles to the development of classroom teaching programs for teachers of middle and upper primary students. Learn a range of fun and engaging songs, games, activities and  learning experiences that are appealing to middle & upper primary students and allow you as a teacher to establish an environment that cultivates success and yet challenges students of all levels of ability whilst keeping the joy of learning music as key. Learn the basic tenets and pedagogical application of this way of teaching in today’s modern classrooms, as well as curriculum development, teaching techniques, how to structure sequencing learning, planning for teaching and learning, and creating a positive culture of assessment. Experience ways of working with choirs and classroom music students that will foster multidimensional musicianship.


RSVP – Thursday 3rd May 2018

Time: 1 – 4.30pm

Cost – Member $40 – Non Member $110 (includes 12 month membership with KMEIA)

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   Beyond the see saw