Open Classroom Series – Save the Date

KMEIA Queensland Open Classroom Series

Visiting other teachers’ classrooms and observing is such a valuable professional learning experience. Yes, they are in school time so that makes it a bit trickier to attend than a weekend workshop. However, don’t let these opportunities pass you by because you don’t think your school would release you. Speak to your admin about the value of observing other classrooms and the fact that, as music specialists, we are often isolated and can’t observe others teaching music in our own school. You may also be able to swap some classes around for that week so you can attend, or maybe you’re school will release you!
Keep an eye out for further Open Classroom opportunities during the year if this one doesn’t suit due to location!

Below is information on Term 3 and 4

Term 3

Friday 27th July – St Peters Lutheran College – Susan Creese

Date TBA – Ascot State School – Deb Daley

Date TBA – St. Laurence’s College – Dr Anthony Young

Term 4

Friday 12th October – Somerset College – Melissa Black

Date TBA – Ambrose Treacy College – Jason Goopy and Kate Thompson


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